About Me


Hi! My name is Abby Sparrow and I am a full-time undergrad student and cheerleader at Duke University studying economics/finance, and mathematics. I was born in Atlanta, but spent 7 years outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and now I call Nashville, Tennessee home. I am incredibly passionate about fitness, cooking, and healthy living. I have an affinity for endurance sports, and in addition to participating in high school cross country, I have completed 3 sprint triathlons and 1 half marathon, with plans for many more races! This blog started as an intagram page – @littlesparrowcooks – where I could share my healthy recipes with my friends and family and work on my food photography and presentation. But my desire to have my own healthy living blog finally overpowered my apprehensions, and thus Little Sparrow Cooks the blog was born. I really love sharing my workout and eating tips with others, so I hope this blog can serve as an inspiration for all readers! Thanks for following along as I achieve fitness goals, create new recipes, and find balance in a hectic college life!

My Passion for Health and Fitness

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Throughout my life, I have played just about every sport you can imagine. Soccer, swimming, softball, track, tennis, basketball, competitive cheerleading, cross country, triathlon…the list goes on. I get bored very easily when it comes to activities, so when I was younger I would switch from sport to sport until in high school, I finally found something that I loved – cross country.

Cross country in high school taught me about putting in hard work and seeing direct results. It taught me that consistency is key, and that good nutrition directly relates to a better performance. I can attribute my love (okay… obsession) with endurance sports in large part to my high school cross country experience.

Nowadays, I still really love running, but I have also found a passion in triathlon. I’ve never felt more accomplished or strong than when I cross the finish line of my last sprint race 5 minutes ahead of my goal in 95° heat after getting 3 hours of sleep the night before! I hope one day to complete an Ironman and a marathon, but that won’t be for quite a while ;).
Another thing I love to do to stay fit and prevent injury is strength train. Kayla Itsine’s workout guide has been what’s made me finally like strength training, and I attribute her circuits to why I didn’t get injured this past summer!

As part of my efforts to become a better athlete, I am very interested in nutrition and creating healthy, delicious meals that fuel my works. I am a huge proponent of eating whole, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, organic meats and eggs, nuts, and healthy fats, but I still love things like oatmeal, gluten-free bread, yogurt, and ice cream. My dream is to one day go to culinary school, but until then, I will have to use my mostly self-taught expertise to create new recipes to share with you all!

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